Browning Browning 2017 Virtual Reality / 360 Experience

Spend a few minutes with Browning Wicked Wing gear in Virtual Reality. This special video is viewable as a 360-degree video on a standard desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. But it really becomes fun when viewing it as a 360/VR (Virtual Reality) video using Google Carboard. The VR effect, plus 360 viewing, is stunningly realistic.

1. For 360 viewing use your mouse (or finger) to change the view. Hold down the left button and drag the screen right, left, up or down.
2. For Google Cardboard click the Google Cardboard icon in the lower, right corner. Two side-by-side images will appear. The images merge when wearing the viewer.

On smart phones and tablets, this video must be accessed through the official YouTube app to give you all the viewing options.

For Google Cardboard information go to:

Il était une fois… Collection Été ACP-BOUTIQUE Pêche sur la réserve faunique Mastigouche Browning Canda Nouvelle Série Drôle de Chasse