Browning Harvested: From Field to Plate

During the age of information when we can find out almost anything at the touch of a button, is it any wonder people are starting to look deeper into where their food comes from?
As the desire to understand the origins of our food grows, so does the desire to consume only the most local, healthy, and beneficial sustenance possible.
With this, we’ve officially entered the age of the Locavore – a person whose diet consists primarily of locally sourced products. And what’s more Locavore than hunting your own meat?
In Harvested: From Field to Plate, we link up with Wild Game Chef Jeremia Doughty in pursuit of Axis deer. Come along on the journey to Jeremia’s favorite part of the hunt: after the trigger has been pulled. For Doughty, that’s when the real fun begins.
Produced in partnership with Silencerco and other sponsors.

Il était une fois… Collection Été ACP-BOUTIQUE Pêche sur la réserve faunique Mastigouche Browning Canda Nouvelle Série Drôle de Chasse