Browning Harvested: The Veteran Rookie

Even pros sometimes miss that critical shot in the final seconds of a big game. As pros, they don’t let this possibility keep them from taking that shot as the clock sheds each remaining second.

You can’t walk onto the basketball court and hope to find yourself in the NBA playoffs. You have to put in the time. You have to overcome the fundamentals. No one is born the master of all things.

The subtleties of hunting pose myriad challenges, and the mastery of the sport requires tenacity. That drive to begin again after failure is what tees you up for eventual success, but you have to learn to fail before you can start to win.

In Harvested: The Veteran Rookie, we track Sacramento King’s point guard, George Hill, as he walks us through his time as a rookie both on the court and in the field.

Watch as George Hill take us through the fundamentals to the takedown of some challenging opponents.

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