Browning Pheasants in Any Weather — Browning Films Episode 3

Sal Roseland, owner of R&R Pheasant Hunting, LCC, delivers the hunt of a lifetime to Browning’s Shaundi Campbell and Browning Ammunition’s Erin Cox. Two hunting women converge on the expansive 18,000 acre R&R ranch in South Dakota to chase pheasants and cows. The weather is cold and wet (and then windy and snowy), but the warm memories will never be forgotten.

This is the third episode in the Browning Short Films Project, highlighting great hunts, great equipment, great places and the best people around. We are pleasde to work with some of the greatest brands in the production, including Polaris and Browning Ammunition.

Browning is dedicated to the “heartbeat” of hunting. We believe in the emotions, traditions and collective experiences that allow the traditional outdoor sports to make a uniquely important, positive influence in the lives of families and good people all over the world.

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